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Protech Security Guarding Ltd

We are a London based company and have worked on locations all over the UK from construction sites, warehouses, Education facilities to vehicle patrols etc. from 12 to 15hrs shifts. With years of background experience working with the ‘Metropolitan Police service & the Parliamentary Security Division’ I noticed weaknesses in security services that needed upgrading. with these in mind I addressed weaknesses and put them into practice with ‘Protech Security Guarding Ltd.’ We pride ourselves in providing ‘excellent rates with a cost-effective and quality security service’ to follow.

We understand the need for a specialised security teams tailored to your requirements with a continuous monitoring of all guards, patrols, and systems on your site.
I would be most interested in helping you in providing you with fully trained, experienced, ‘SIA’ licensed guarding personnel. A member of our team will make contact to discuss your security requirements and to find what addition’s can be offered to safe guard your premises and your staff, at no extra cost. You’ll find our rates to be most reasonable & second to none. Please note that all guards are in full uniform, Hi-Viz, and come with their own ‘Communication devices and Body Cams’. (This is a requirement should any evidence need documenting for any official use). Corporate dress or full uniforms available as requested. We have a complete monitoring system where we know where our Guards are at all times. We are in partnership with the ‘Officer Reports’ program which enables us to track guards on each patrol in real time.

Our guards are all well spoken, approachable and take pride in their appearance. We look forward to hearing from you and to discuss your requirements. We hope you consider ‘Protech Security Guarding Ltd’ as your Security Service Provider and look forward to working along side your site teams.

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Sohail Dean

Protech Security Guarding Ltd

Address : 71-75 Shelton Street. London WC2H 9JQ.

Call us on 0203 995 5661
With a clear vision and mission, we secure your business using better security services